San Diego Boating Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a boating accident, please contact the law office of the San Diego accident attorney to schedule a free initial consultation.

Boating accidents occur under a variety of circumstances, but are always quite scary for all victims involved. A boating accident that puts one or more vessels at physical risk in the open seas can turn deadly in minutes. Depending on the situation, it can take hours, for the Coast Guard or harbor police to arrive on the scene of a boating accident.

At the law office of the San Diego accident attorney, we believe strongly in working alongside our clients as a team. We will listen to your side of the story as well as collect any relevant information about your accident from the responding officials.

How your case will proceed depends on the details of your case and who is at fault for your boating accident. Some boating accidents are caused by inexperienced operators, alcohol or drugs, or boating violations. It is common, especially during the summer holidays, for someone that has never operated a boat or a passenger that has been drinking to get behind the wheel of a boat and get into an accident. Sometimes parents even let children operate a boat, thinking it will be fun. While this may seem innocent enough in a big bay or ocean, this single action can cause serious injuries and property damage.

The San Diego accident attorney has many years of experience sifting through these often dense and complicated investigative reports and will be sure to build the most solid case to help you recover damages for your injuries. Contact us today to begin your case.